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Mothers As Main Assessors of Kids

Are you worried about your child’s future education and the high cost of enrolling in kindergarten

Are you concerned that your child may fall behind his peers and not be successful in school, college, the job market, and his future career

Has work, managing relationships with your spouse and family members caused you to neglect spending quality time with your child

Join Mamak today, and with just 30 minutes a day, spent watching him play, get to know your child better and create a successful future for him


Mothers As Main Assessors of Kids

MAMAK Application

The Mamak app helps you better understand your child’s abilities and teach him at home using simple and affordable games. The app includes lessons in literacy, math, world knowledge, art, and life skills

Focus on one of these lessons every day; then complete the relevant tests for your child in the app and download his report card. This report card includes a number of games to strengthen abilities relevant to your child’s age

If your child needs improvement in some skills, don’t worry
You can repeat this process week by week until your child masters all his age-appropriate skills. Mamak supports you in helping your child grow with simple and accessible games at home

Customer Service

Mamak support staff are always by your side, and if you need help and assistance at any point along the way, they will be available to you by calling 6463 extension 1323

Adulthood playing takes a step into a different world, childhood playing moves towards new skills

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Downloade MAMAK Application

Download the Mamak app now, and use it for free for one month

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